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Paediatric Oncologist to Belgium

OPTIMA RECRUITMENT EUROPE is international recruitment company. Our medical divison has been acting on healthcare labour market for more than 10 years now. We put a significant effort to help healthcare recruitment continually grow and to continue to offer our healthcare candidates excellent working opportunities abroad.

Currently we are searching for experienced Paediatric Oncologist with good command of French language. This is a full time job for the hospital in French speaking part.

What is required:
- EU general medicine diploma
- Specialty diploma in Oncology (+subspecialty in Paediatric oncology or extensive practice in
the field Paediatic oncology)
- Good knowledge of French language. English language is necessary for the interviews
- Motivation and ability to relocate to Belgium on permanent basis.

The salary for this position is around 6000 euro/month (appr. 4000 euro net) and there is a 6 month of probation period.

If you want to apply for the vacancy, please, send me your detailed CV in English (or contact me for CV template) by email: or via

Personal data provided to OPTIMA RECRUITMENT EUROPE, s.r.o., for the purpose of employment transmission are handled according to law č.101/2000Sb. Provided data are kept in the database for an essential term of employment transmission or till the withdrawal in writing. These data may be provided to the third party just after the permition of the provider. The enactment of §12 a 21 of the law no.101/2000Sb. governs your right to information of handling with personal data, explanation, updates as well as disposal of it.

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